Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Pieces of bread in a ziploc bag

Sunday we had to go speak up in the Wenden Branch. It is about 2 hours west of Surprise. In the summer they have very few people who attend because most of the town are snowbirds. (That's the reason that members of the stake are all assigned to go up and speak there - because they don't have enough members there to speak each week.) Anyway, when we sat down I looked over at the sacrament table and there were two pieces of bread in a ziploc bag for the sacrament. Jeff is in charge of bringing the bread for our ward each week and we use almost a whole loaf! I looked out at the congregation and there were about 9 people there. Including the branch presidency, the missionaries, pianist and music conductor there were about 15 people. It reminded me of my mission and the small little branches in which I served. But suddenly, I was filled with the sweetest feeling that the church is true wherever you are and that the Lord would of course love to have all His chapels overflowing with people but he also will pour out his spirit in a room of just a few people. There is only one young woman in the whole branch. How valiant she has to be - to be the only member in her whole school - and yet she comes to that little branch every week and loves the Lord. I am proud of those who live the gospel where they are so few in number. This little branch got chastised by their high counselor about not attending the blood drive in Surprise. The message was for everyone in the stake but picture the sacrifice THEY have to make - a four hour round trip to attend. We only have to drive 4 minutes up the street and yet many of us didn't attend either. We complain that the temple is and hour away - it's 3 hours for those members, and still they go. I guess today I am grateful for THEIR diligence and example and also for the ease me and my family have with so many members around and so many youth to buoy up my kids and keep them strong.


Natalie said...

Melanie, when i grow up, I want to be just like you! Thanks for your example in so many many ways.

Cheryl said...

i always think of two things when you mention bread. soggy bread and the really fancy old stinky sacrament bread story.

i also really admire the one yw who goes to the branch all alone every sunday. we have such great youth these days...i'm always amazed.