Friday, August 22, 2008

Room for the prophet

Thank you Shelby for your gentle prodding for me to return to this blog. I am a slacker. I have all these great goals and ambitions and they last about 5.6 seconds. One of the parts I liked the best in Eyring's talk was how he said that no matter how tired he was or whatever that he always found the time to write at least something everyday. I guess that's why I'm not an apostle. :)
But here is my thought for today. So, recently I put on the BYU channel in the morning. President Monson was speaking at a BYU devotional (from 2004 I think). Anyway, he was telling the funniest stories and I was busting and thought, "I need to tape this for my whole family to watch!" So I pushed the record button on my ti-vo and it said I didn't have any room and I needed to delete something. So I quickly went to my recorded list and there tried to figure out which of the thousand hours of olympics I could erase. "Was Tuesday the night with the women's gymnastics?? I think Courtney wanted to watch that . . . Is this the race I started watching the other night and fell asleep? . . . " Anyway, to make a long story short, by the time I erased enough junk, I had missed much of the prophet's talk. Dang it.
Then I began to think. Is this how my life is? Is this how WE all are a little? We have plenty of time and energy for the things that don't really matter and often are left with "no room" for the things that do. I want to follow the prophet and read my scriptures every day and serve everyone and visit teach etc. etc. and yet so often I don't leave room for it. So today I am happy for my little experience with the ti-vo because it reminded me that I need to re-prioritize once again and make sure I have room for what's most important.


shel7by said...

that's better, thank you.

shel7by said...

i like your blog because it counts as scripture time because it's good uplifting like the ensign. then i get blog reading and scripture in at the same time. two birds somethin somethin.

Melanie said...

You are crazy.

Katie Price said...

mel i think you're great. i don't care if you only stick with something for five seconds, at least you have the intention and the thought, and i think that means a lot. i miss you.