Saturday, October 25, 2008

Uncle Gordon

My uncle died yesterday of a massive heart attack. Why? I can't help but keep asking why? He was in good shape. He exercised. He got a clean bill of health at his physical 4 months ago. And yesterday he got up and went to play racquetball and while he was there he died. He was so young. His kids are too young. He just became a grandpa for the first time 3 weeks ago.

This picture was on my cousins blog tonight. It sums him up. He was the fun, happy Uncle that always hugged you and messed up your hair and laughed and was always smiling. His wife is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She is always smiling and upbeat. I am not looking forward to watching her ache. I am so sad for them. The only consolation I feel is that through the principles of the gospel we know that they can be together not just for this life but for eternity.
That doesn't stop the tears from falling. This is all very familiar. My brothers and sisters were too young too when my dad died. I know the pain ahead and the sadness. I know how much I hate not having my dad around - even 13 years later. But I also know the comfort brought by the Holy Ghost. I also know the peace that can be felt when it's needed. They will be ok. We are ok. But it's just feels so unfair. I love you Smart family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas card

I just re-read last night's post. Sounds like one of those Christmas cards -"My kids are better and smarter than everyone in the world."
Sorry. . . that my kids are better and smarter than yours.

Ha Ha! I just threw up a little.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Kids

Parent Teacher Conferences. I love the kindergarten ones - where you sit in the tiny chairs and pretend that it's normal that your knees are higher than the table.
All my kids teachers raved about them this time. Courtney's teacher called her the "darling of the class" and said that he wished that he had 28 Courtneys. (He's an ex football player for the Minnesota Vikings.) He said that one time Courtney taught him an easier way to do a math problem and he had her teach the whole class.
Chandler's teacher said that she has never seen a fourth grader who writes so well and someday when he is famous he will have to sign a copy of his book for her. She said she reads his stuff out loud to the class and even runs it over to other teachers once and a while and says, "really, my student wrote this." I told her it was so nice to have a teacher that praised him and valued his talent because last year his teacher . . . didn't. She said, "Last year's teacher probably was just jealous that her 3rd grader could write better than her!" She also said something about how she wishes that Riley Evans would stop going on democratic rants in the middle of silent reading.
Then I went to Blake's. Watching him sit there with that huge grin on his face while his teacher went on and on about what a sweet, good, honest and helpful boy his is was priceless. He loves school and she said, "This will be my easiest conference."
WOW! Who knew my kids were so fantastic? I better be nice to them from now on.
Oh and Cody and Liz got report cards too. Cody did great. Mostly A's. He got a C in eating. Doesn't put down much more than French fries and hot dogs these days. Lizzy - mostly F's in behavior and getting along with others.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunky Dentist

No cavities today. I was a year over due for a cleaning, something about the shoemakers children having no shoes .. .but anyhow, no cavities. And a lecture about not flossing.

I am also grateful today that Jeff works so close to home and comes home for lunch almost every day. Well, that's just a plain lie. More like - he takes me out to lunch almost every day. What fun that we get to spend so much time together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Into the mind and heart of Blake

I've been recording some of Blake's prayers on my family blog for some time and I thought I would post a few here. Each one is a different entry from the last year sometime.

(This was Oct. 20, 2008) Last night Jeff asked Cody if he wanted to pray and Blake said, "Don't ask for candy Cody, He (meaning Heavenly Father) doesn't have any." Like he had tried that before and it didn't work. Ah ha ha.

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Another Blake Prayer
It's been a while since I've written here but tonight was another sweet Blake prayer.He said, "And bless the kids in my school class that need help, that they will feel the Spirit and know how to choose the right."

I think I need to just tape record Blake's prayers at night. He always makes me smile. Here is tonight's (I'm paraphrasing). "Thank you for that Santa that came to the church. And thanks for Jesus that keeps that eye on us. And thank you for that activity thing that we take the activities out of every day and then do the activity (the advent calendar) and for that other activity (nativity) that we play with." (Grammy Price sent him a fisher price nativity) I forgot half of what I loved so much but he just prays so dang cute and from the heart.
Earlier today he was playing with the nativity and this is what I overheard. "Are you that EVIL wise man? Yes! I am! Well . . .blah blah blah." I love it.

Last night in Blake's prayer he said,
"Thank you for The Book of Mormon and President Monson and that the church is so special." I love him!
He also said the other day, "Mom, why can't we just go see Jesus instead of having to stay here and just learn about Him?" He thinks a lot about the gospel and I can tell he has a sweet little testimony already.

This kid has some crazy ideas these days. So we are driving home from Wallmart today and he says, "What was that zooming up in the sky? I think it was Jesus Christ." Then a few minutes later he said, "Is Jesus Christ for real mom?" And I said, "Yes he is Blake" and he said, "Well then where is he?" And I said,"Up in Heaven." And Blake said, "Well, where is heaven then?" And I said, "We aren't sure Blake. It's far away - maybe up in the sky, someplace we can't see." Then he said,"I know. Heaven in up in that place like Utah. Not the Utah where your grammy lives - but the other Utah - the one where all the dead people live." Ha ha. His mind is constantly going.

So tonight this was in Blake's prayer. "And please bless Santa that he can get a wii for his birthday - like in a week or in two weeks."
I'm not sure what to do with Blake's crazy prayers. A few months ago he uttered this one," . . . Thank you for my Pokemon cards and all that crap." That sparked a lesson on better language! (but I did want to sit back and giggle and giggle when he said it.) I love my kids. I love what they are learning and I can't remember a time when I prayed for santa to get a gift. Not once. What a sweet boy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

So much for every day . . .

Dang it. How did Eyring do it?? I can't ever remember to write on here.
Right now I am grateful for the fun month of trips. We do almost nothing all year and then take our two biggest trips within 2 weeks! How fun. We love the Martineaus and enjoyed going to Powell with them so much and then again to Disneyland. The Ives came too to Disneyland and it was such fun. Every kid just grabbed whoevers hand was closest and off we all went. I am grateful for fun friends and good kids and the opportunity we had to go on these trips before the economy tanked. ( Too bad Lizzy and Cody got left behind both times!) Thanks to all the family and friends who watched them while we were gone too. You guys are awesome! (Wellmans, Gordons, Petersons)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey Elder Uchtdorf

Hey Elder Uchtdorf! Look at my jam! I made my own jam. Who knew it was like two strawberries and 4,000 lbs of sugar? Look at my clean spaces. Look at my garden. (Don't look at my bread - it turned out like doorstops and paperweights, just like you suggested it would. ) I even cut out 6 monkeys during conference. Someday I will sew them. Thanks for telling me to create. I so needed it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Priesthood Blessings

Today I am grateful for priesthood blessings. My neighbor has been to the hospital twice this week and just hasn't been feeling well and the missionaries came and gave her a blessing this morning. It was beautiful. The spirit was strong. I am so grateful that the Lord gave a little of his power and authority to the men of this church. I am thankful for 4 random men on a plane that answered a call over the PA last year and, I feel, saved my husbands life. I am grateful for five extra years we got with my dad - due to miracles that I know started with priesthood blessings. I am grateful for that first back to school blessing that I got shortly after my dad died. It was from my uncle Gordon and he said many of the same beautiful things my dad had always said to me. It was that night that I realized that all those blessings I had received from my dad all those years didn't just come from my dad - but from my HEAVENLY Father and that He knew me and loved me and that my life would always be blessed because of the priesthood holders in it. I am thankful that I am married to a man who honors his priesthood and blesses our family. I am grateful for righteous brothers who honor theirs and serve and bless my mom in Utah. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and the sacrifices he gave to help restore this gospel to the earth.
We are so blessed.