Monday, March 15, 2010


Tonight somehow I ended up with some extra minutes and some boredom and just read a dozen or so blogs. This is something I gave up probably a year ago and now I remember why. I'm going to bed feeling like I'm not "Oh so clever." My house isn't "Oh so clean." I didn't make the "most amazing dinner..(here are all the steps)". I didn't snuggle all my kids on the couches all day and I actually spanked Lizzy for drawing all over her door with her new birthday crayons. I didn't go to the gym and do ten classes and then run five miles. I didn't take any amazing photographs and then spend oh so much time editing them in photoshop. (Ok, well I take THAT one back. We did take 37 amazing pictures and posted them on facebook. And we laughed our guts out while we were doing it.)
Anyway, to all the women out there who let their kids fix their own breakfast (and it wasn't hot and was full of sugar) and then selfishly went out to lunch with a friend, had fast food for dinner and then watched 24.... Here's to us!!