Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Really? She writes again?

I think I got all blogged out. When it became something else on my "to do" list I decided to heck with blogs. But I have some fun pictures I need to post so I'll go back a little bit and start at the beginning.
Where is the best place to begin? On the back of a bull perhaps? Yes. Jeff, Summer and Shawn talked me into riding a mechanical bull at some restaurant in Glendale. I felt awkward and fairly foolish - but did it nonetheless. 2 days later my back went completely out. The doc said it was because of that stinkin bull. My career was short lived. No more rodeos for me.
Shawn and Jeff had a hay day though and couldn't wait to get back and do it again. Shawn set this whole big thing up after our stake conference Sat. night meeting and to make a long story short . . . poor Shawn . . . the reservation fell through, no place to eat. WE WERE STARVING!!! But a few guys in the ward decided to ride the bull before we left . . .starving. Shawn had on the foulest Wranglers you've ever seen and he didn't even get on the bull. He did bring a prize in a brown paper sack that he carried around all night and then very non-ceremoniously gave it to Jeff on the ride home. Yes, of course, my ever talented husband Jeff won the competition and got the coveted bell. And then I FINALLY got some dinner at this great little Mexican food place with HOT salsa and free soppapias. MMMMMmmmm. Which reminds me, I'm still hungry.

That's all I have for now. Blogging makes me tired and hungry. . . .

Here is the aftermath on Jeff's thigh. NICE!!

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