Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok so I'm terrible at setting and keeping goals. I kept this blog for 5 whole days. I read my scriptures like 7 days in a row - and then go weeks without emerging myself again. WHY?
Cuz I am slacker city that's why. I wish I was better at getting done what needs to be done in my life. (You should see my laundry pile!) But instead I wander around on random people's blogs, watch a thousand hours of olympics every night and still miss on the important things more often than I would like.
I guess that is what I am grateful for tonight; repentance. I am grateful that the Lord always lets us try again tomorrow and encourages us and cheers us on even when we eat that third maple bar on the first day of our diet. I want to be good and do what is right. I really do. I fast and pray all the time to be able to improve myself and conquer my laziness and do the million things every day that I know I SHOULD. Maybe that's why it is our life's goal to conquer the natural man and become more like the Savior. I sure can't do it by myself. I need his help EVERY day. I need to lean on Him more and rely on Him more and try harder.
See you tomorrow?? Let's hope.
(Also I want to thank my sweet husband for his kindness about my speaking in CA. It was really fun and I felt very prompted to say specific things that I know my Heavenly Father wanted those kids in CA to hear. They were a fantastic bunch and I was so impressed by the strength in that small group. We had a blast driving out there with the Haught's and meeting Shawn's friends the The Balls. (Even though Tonya Ball was the nicest person we've ever met and she set the standard for "wifehood?" so high that I will never reach it.) Our faces hurt from laughing so hard on the way home. The Haught's are fun people and I enjoyed sweating to death with them outside of Tonapah. I'm grateful too for Karen for watching our kids for those two days so we could go. What a nice Grandma. My kids love her and had a great time.)


Shawn H. said...
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Melanie said...

Ha Ha. I told shawn Haught that he was grounded from my blog for his comment and he deleted it!! Ok Shawn - you are undgrounded.