Friday, August 1, 2008

Scripture Study

Tonight as our family was reading the Book of Mormon together (2nd night in a row!) it naturally led to a discussion about following promptings. Jeff and I were both able to share a few experiences when we were prompted by the Lord to do something. Chandler remembered an experience that one of his teachers had told him too. It ended by challenging our kids to pray to be able to know what the Lord would have them do. Then when Cody was saying the prayer he said, "Thank you that we go to . . . " and he didn't finish. We filled in the words for the rest of the prayer and then afterwards he said, "Where was that place we went where we saw Jesus?" And I said, "The temple?" (there is a huge Christus statue there) And he said, "YES! I want to go to the temple!" So we decided to go tomorrow and to ask our neighbors who are taking the discussions to go with us. Way to go Cody. I am grateful that we have made a new goal to read the Book of Mormon together every day. What a great discussion followed and a great prayer and idea by our 2 year old. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL.


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shel7by said...

i love cody.