Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Best picture ever! This is why I love her.

Blake and Michael

I miss her. I want her to come back. She was so much fun and made me laugh all day. Her kids and my kids were the same ages. She disciplined her kids the same way I did and liked the things I did and ate food like I did. (Except she ate wacky flaxseed and peppers dipped in NO ranch) I loved her testimony and how everyone always said to her, "You look like that girl . . . Helen Hunt." I loved how much Michael and Blake loved each other and how well they played and how I'd watch her kids and she'd watch mine and it was easy to ask her. I loved that she loved to read too and always had a suggestion or loved what I suggested to her. I miss the way the very end of her nose moves up and down when she talks and how she always made me want to be a better mom like her. I've been sad about her being gone all day.
But she's coming for Christmas and may even stay with us for a few days. Yea!


Kim said...

I feel sad that your friend is not right here for you anymore....but then you make me feel grateful for my friend that I feel that way about. So, I guess I need to say "I'm sorry" and "Thank you".

Julie said...

I love friends like that. They are few and far between. I will watch your kids anytime. No guilt attached. :-)

Wisconsin Watsons said...

Well, it seems to me that my best friend would keep such an unflattering photo to herself...but I thank you for the kind words and copy them back to you. I was just telling Dave last night (after a lonely Hm Enrich.)that I was going to have a break down. The only thing keeping me going is seeing you in a few months. I'm counting the days!!! Love, Terri

MarySue said...

I found you, your blog. Oh this is happy and fun. I'll be dropping by often.