Monday, September 15, 2008


Today I am grateful for family. I am grateful to be a part of two great families. I love the Wellmans and am glad that I married into such a welcoming and friendly family. We all get along so well. It was so fun to see 5,000 cousins running around chasing a stray kitten last night and to all be present for Renee's blessing. There is so much love and support there. We are going to miss the Hardins as they move to Utah and part of me is jealous that they get to move within 10 minutes of my family - the Prices. They too, are such a loving and supportive group and I loved being with all of them for so long this summer. I have awesome brothers and a great sister in law up there and fun nieces and nephews spread all over. Shelby and her family was just here last week and it was such a blast. I'm begging Lexi to move to Phoenix because I would love to be near her every day. I hope that is what Heaven is going to be like. One big street of Prices and Wellmans playing kick the can all night and Ticket to Ride until morning. I certainly see the hand of the Lord in my life as I look about my two extended families.


JENNIFER said...

so, i just started a blog and i do thing it makes us notice more around us... family, friends, silly things, fun things, big and small things. you are blessed to have such a great family.

Cammie said...

Ok, so I finally found your real blog. You look so good.

Dahlene said...

Hi Melanie,

You may not remember me, but I really looked up to you when we were in Surprise. We've since moved back to Utah and I started a family blog in July. I happened to see a link to your blog. I am amazed that you were able to hatch an egg, and perform a thorax removal, and now have an amazing pet. Good for you. Anyway, I want to add your blog to my friend's list on my blog. I hope you don't mind.

I love looking at your photography and you have amazing ways of telling your story. Thanks for being such a great person for me to admire and follow.

Tami G. said...

That sounds heavenly to me too. I'm glad you love us. We love you back.