Monday, September 8, 2008


Today I am grateful that every time I start a new diet I find some reason to make some extra great treat and blow the diet all to crap the very first day. Maybe because I always start my diets on Monday and then by FHE I think, "Wow - the kids really need a great treat . . . " (but really I'M STARVING) and there it goes. Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls. Mmmmm. They took all day to make but so worth it.
I love watching my family during Family Home Evening. Tonight as Blake was leading the closing song Lizzy ran up beside him and pretended to lead too. Darling. Also Jeff had the kids act out the Good Samaritan during the lesson and it was awesome to watch Cody beat up Blake and then steal all his money. I love Family Home Evening.

Also - a side note: We are getting addicted to Haught Fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme. Last week our friends brought us a box from Mesa and Cody snuck like 5 of them. Well the next day Shelby was here and bought some glazed donuts from FRYS and Cody took one of them and said, "Ugg Theses donuts are grossie!" I guess he has become a true donut connoisseur like his mommy. How funny that a two year old could totally tell the difference.


shel7by said...

oh sure, couldn't have made those LAST WEEK, could ya? Wait until we leave. that's fine. I'm going to make my awesome [insert something delicious I make here... whatever that is] after you leave.

Katie Price said...

melanie i love your family. emory still talks about cody at least five times a day. we always ask her where she's from and she says "sunny nies" like cody did. we miss you guys.