Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gospel

This blog was made not to keep a record of all our family happenings - but to record the hand of the Lord in our lives everyday. Today I am grateful for the resurrection and the knowledge that we have through the gospel of Jesus Christ that there is a life after this one. My good friend's mother died today. She had been quadriplegic for 13 years. As my family sat down to read the Book of Mormon together tonight we were in 2 Nephi 9. It was all about the resurrection. (I love how that always happens! The scriptures always apply to our daily lives!) We had a beautiful discussion with our children about the plan and about how Nickie's mom can now be free of that body that didn't work and that one day she will be restored to a perfect body that moves the way she wants it to and can fully function again.
I remember the morning that my dad died. Right as my mom and I realized that he was gone, we knelt down and thanked our Heavenly Father for our blessings and the knowledge we had of the gospel and that this separation from our Dad was just temporary and that we would be able to return to live with him again. The Spirit was so strong and confirmed the truthfulness of this to our hearts. My heart is breaking for Nickie to lose her last parent while she is yet so young. I am so sad for her at this time. But I am happy for her mother to be free from that body and that she is now reunited with her husband that died just 3 years ago. The gospel is true. It is such a comfort and I love it.


Dahlene said...

I talked to Ami Rose lastnight and she told me about Nikki Rolfe's mom. That makes me so sad. Thank you for your tribute to her and our knowledge of the resurrection and eternal life. What a blessing that is to us.

Cammie said...

Thanks Mel, I needed that.

JENNIFER said...

you always have a way to touch the heart.