Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tonight I'm thankful for my sister Lexi.  She is something of a wonder.  I don't have the words to write how much I admire her.  She is an amazing mother and wife.  She has 4 kids -two of which are disabled.  I don't think any of us realize what her days are like.  I don't think any of us realize how hard it is.  And somewhere along the line she got all crafty.  She's really talented.  Today I got a box in the mail with a ton of paper flowers that she had made.  I told her how darling her wreath and garland were, but that it was too hard to make the flowers and I was burning my fingers off - so what does she do?  She makes me a ton of flowers.  And leaves.  I just have to go get the garland and hook them on.
Do you not realize how much she has to do in a day?  I can't even make it to the post office and my life is a piece of cake compared to hers.  How did she find the time to make me the flowers AND mail them.  Thank you Lexi.  Thanks for being AMAZING.  Thanks for taking your trials with your head held high and for being a great example to all the rest of us.  And thanks for making all those flowers for me.  Hug that sweet little Abby for me and give a big high five to those cute boys.  I love you.


Pam C. said...

And she's an awesome young women leader for my girls. And she's funny.

Lexi said...

Thanks Melanie. You made my day. I learned from you...and you know that. I'm glad you liked the flowers. My life is pretty fluffy (not unlike my waistline).

But what the heck is with the picture of my arch enemy, S. Palin??!