Monday, November 15, 2010

Answered prayers

Today, (well yesterday really) I am thankful for answered prayers.  I am thankful for the times when the Lord gives me specific answers to my problems.  At times they have come as thoughts, like when I prayed strong and hard one night at a loss at what to do over my son's stuttering problems.  Before the prayer was finished, the thought came into my mind: read to him, have him read to you.  Very specific.  And as I did this I saw improvements.  The Lord told me right away what to do.  There have been other times where searching, praying, fasting, getting blessings and the like have drawn on, testing my patience and faith.  But eventually answers came.  Other times, like when my dad passed away far too young from cancer, the answer wasn't the one we all prayed for.  But even then, in those still moments I knew He had heard us, that He loved us still and there was a plan for us.  Most of the time the answers to my prayers and pondering come to me through the words of the scriptures.  The Book of Mormon is magic in this way.  If you are searching or struggling for answers or to know the will of the Lord in you life - immerse yourself in the scriptures.  Pray, ponder, repent, pray some more and read.  The Lord will tell you plain as day in the writings of the scriptures what you should do and how He feels about you.  It's amazing.
But this week I fasted and prayed for an answer and a thought kept coming to my mind.  It wasn't my plan.  It wasn't anything I had thought about, but it still kept nagging at me.  So I started investigating into the solution and one was laid out for me in a miraculous way.  I love my Heavenly Father.  I love that He knows me, listens to me and answers me.


Katie Price said...

your "speech" to me this summer about scriptures and answered prayers has not been forgotten:). love you. and that adversity book rocked me. it was so awesome. i'm going to give it to everyone i know who has something going on.

Tami G. said...

You're back! I didn't know. Now I do. I'm so glad. And I agree :)