Friday, November 12, 2010

Generous Strangers

Yesterday I was thankful for the lady in line at Michaels who gave me an extra 40% off coupon because I was buying something big for Courtney's good grades and I don't get the paper and so I didn't have a coupon and I was going to put back my item and go home and search the internet for a coupon and then come back later and buy it. (wow really long sentence!)  She said, "I have an extra one."  She saved me $30.
It reminded me of the lady on the plane when I was heading back from Las Vegas once.  It was super turbulent and I got really sick.  The stewardess wouldn't let me go back to the bathroom - just handed me a bag.  I was sitting between two STRANGERS and had to throw up and throw up into a bag!  I was horrified.  I bent my head down as far as I could between my legs to try to spare my "neighbors" -  well, all of a sudden, I felt someone rubbing my back.  That stranger on the plane felt bad for me.  She didn't dry heave or roll her eyes or any of the things she could have done.  She just rubbed my back until I was done.
"When saw we thee a stranger...."


Dahlene said...

Sweet! I'm so thankful for generous people too. I hope I can be that compassionate person to someone when I can. I'm not sure that I could rub a stranger's back on an airplane while they were throwing up. That is one compassionate lady. I'm glad she was there that day for you.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing that. I want to be the thoughtful, compassionate person, too. But sometimes I need to be reminded of ways I can or should be. It is not natural for me. We get lost in our own little pressing world. Lindsey got great help from a stranger when she was traveling alone with a baby and 3 other very young children. I look around and try to help like that now if I can because of that story.