Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Kids

Parent Teacher Conferences. I love the kindergarten ones - where you sit in the tiny chairs and pretend that it's normal that your knees are higher than the table.
All my kids teachers raved about them this time. Courtney's teacher called her the "darling of the class" and said that he wished that he had 28 Courtneys. (He's an ex football player for the Minnesota Vikings.) He said that one time Courtney taught him an easier way to do a math problem and he had her teach the whole class.
Chandler's teacher said that she has never seen a fourth grader who writes so well and someday when he is famous he will have to sign a copy of his book for her. She said she reads his stuff out loud to the class and even runs it over to other teachers once and a while and says, "really, my student wrote this." I told her it was so nice to have a teacher that praised him and valued his talent because last year his teacher . . . didn't. She said, "Last year's teacher probably was just jealous that her 3rd grader could write better than her!" She also said something about how she wishes that Riley Evans would stop going on democratic rants in the middle of silent reading.
Then I went to Blake's. Watching him sit there with that huge grin on his face while his teacher went on and on about what a sweet, good, honest and helpful boy his is was priceless. He loves school and she said, "This will be my easiest conference."
WOW! Who knew my kids were so fantastic? I better be nice to them from now on.
Oh and Cody and Liz got report cards too. Cody did great. Mostly A's. He got a C in eating. Doesn't put down much more than French fries and hot dogs these days. Lizzy - mostly F's in behavior and getting along with others.


keri said...

You know Lizzy is going to end up being your most prized child of them all don't you? And hey, you can bring her to us anytime you want! We'll gladly take her, all of us! :)

shel7by said...

that's awesome. You have good kids. I'm also excited for Chandler's writing in a stephen king kinda way.

I, too, have loved parent teacher conferences... so far. I'm a little scared for mason's. His teacher at his baptist preschool made him and taylor "get down on their knees and pray for Jesus to help them make good choices". She told me it didn't work.

Katie Price said...

such cute kids. you should be proud. and i hate that stupid snake picture.

heather said...

I'll definitely give cody an A in nursery.