Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas card

I just re-read last night's post. Sounds like one of those Christmas cards -"My kids are better and smarter than everyone in the world."
Sorry. . . that my kids are better and smarter than yours.

Ha Ha! I just threw up a little.


Cammie said...

Give me a break. You weren't bragging and your kids are that great. Stop trying to be so humble. (Now I feel like Satan talking.) Seriously though, your first post really was cute and I didn't think you were bragging at all. At least you don't have to feel guilty because your are blogging something negative about your child! I so miss you!

shel7by said...

I think Cammie sounds like Satan.

Brian and Jessica said...

Are you kidding?? You're kids are awesome! And as you brag about how great they are you're also telling the world that you guys are awesome parents!! I hope I can teach my kids as well as you teach yours! You're a great Mom with GREAT kids!! I miss you!