Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunky Dentist

No cavities today. I was a year over due for a cleaning, something about the shoemakers children having no shoes .. .but anyhow, no cavities. And a lecture about not flossing.

I am also grateful today that Jeff works so close to home and comes home for lunch almost every day. Well, that's just a plain lie. More like - he takes me out to lunch almost every day. What fun that we get to spend so much time together.


shel7by said...

One time I went to see that hunky dentist and he didn't have an assistant and so melanie was his assistant and she suctioned my tears with that mouth-sucker thing.

the end.

Melanie said...

Ya - the tears I CAUSED by sucking your tongue, cheek and everything else into that said mouth-sucker thing. I am glad I am not an assistant. I was horrible at it. And then Shel was late to go board a plane. Talk about a nightmare of an afternoon!

JeffreyG said...

Posting this on your blog makes me look like such a tool.

Melanie said...

A Hunky tool.