Monday, May 23, 2011

Lizzy and Jesus

Sunday we went out to my cousin Alex's homecoming from his mission.  He gave a great report and you can tell that he was a great missionary.  Afterwards we took the kids out to the temple.  I asked Liz if she wanted to go see the big Jesus. When we came around the corner to where he was she gasped, threw out her arms and ran over to it.  She couldn't reach anything but his toe - but she just held onto it.  She said, "I love Jesus. I want to hug him."  So I lifted her up and she hugged his knee.
She was mesmerized.

Why does a 4 year old feel love so strong for a man she has never met?  Why the overwhelming love?  It's been all she can talk about since we've been home.  She keeps saying that she wants to see him, when she is very, very old.  (I told her there would be no meeting him anytime soon.)

I love the faith and love of a child.  I love that she loves him so much and at this age she doesn't even know why.  Someday she will understand all that he has done for her.  But for now, I think that love she had for him before she came here still fills a corner of her heart.  I hope she never loses that feeling.  She is precious.


Dahlene said...

What a sweet post. I love children's reactions to Jesus.

Cheryl said...

move over minnie mouse!!