Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The petting zoo lady and me

One day I was at the zoo with my kids. We proceeded to go to the stinkiest part of the whole zoo - the petting zoo. As I watched my kids chase goats and deer all around a small cage, I looked over and saw a worker quickly sweeping up the goat poop. As fast as she would get it swept up, 40 other goats would poop. It was a never ending battle. She just swept and swept and they just pooped and pooped. At that moment I felt a strong bond with that woman. I said to her, "You know, your job and my job aren't that much different. I feel like all I do all day is sweep up the goat droppings, just to have 10,000 more droppings fall somewhere else." She looked at me like I was stupid and speaking Chinese and went back to her work. But I'm not stupid. It is true. It's the truest analogy to motherhood I have yet found. Here is my week in pictures.

"Mom! The play room smells like barf!!"

After some searching I found the culprit. Leaking 2 day old rancid sippy cup. Perfect.

"Has your mother seen what you did?"

Thanks Cody for chopping your hair down to the nub. You are a fantastic kid!

"Who gave Lizzy a pen??"

"MMMMMmmmm. The laundry smells minty."

Who sends a full pack of gum through the wash? Jeff, do you have any ideas?

"She can't stay in nursery. What if it's pink eye?"

I'm pretty sure it's "blood eye" but ok. She's great in class. (And by great I mean the DEVIL) I'll take her.

I have no pictures of Jeff in the ER all morning Sunday.

I give up. The crap is going to have to pile up. I'm going to take a long, long nap.


Brewer's Ink said...

After reading everyone's inspring stories on their blogs (we all do it) it was nice to see a real live tribute to the day in and day out. And as for the goat poop, that reminded me of when James pooped in Barnes and Noble, and I had to trace our steps back from the bathroom to the train table, collecting little pebbles that had fallen out in our haste to get to the bathroom. Thank goodness nobody stepped on any! You're not crazy (at least not yet:)

Shawn H. said...

Sell three of the kids, take the money (probably $9.00) and go to Pei Wei.

JeffreyG said...

Shawn H is the most worthless employee ever. Do you even work?

Katie Price said...

you make me giggle. poor girl.

Sam said...

Thats too Funny I also washed A pack of trident, and it took me 2 days to pick it out of all our clothes! It wasnt my gum, but I still had to take care of it!

shel7by said...

jaymee's gum went through our wash this week, too! GOlly, SISTERS! What is up with Liz's eye. Thanks for the nightmares. I am so sorry. I should start documenting this stuff and make a calendar. Do you really think we'll miss this when they are big?

Nancy said...

You definitely don't miss it, but you have great stories to add to everyone else's. Then you meet people whose children never write on the walls or paint the TV with nail polish or put the cat in the microwave. What's up with that? They must be deprived.l

Cheryl said...

mel, you need a good vacation! i hope you guys have fun in utah at thanksgiving. we'll miss you in mexico.

Amie said...

dude that looks painful. Definitely not pink eye. We've had enough of that for me to feel pretty comfy in my diagnosis!